What are Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar Deals?

What are Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar Deals?

Southwest's low-fare calendar shows the date-wise price of the airline to the passengers. This feature makes it easier for the passengers to know which date gives you the best deal to book their flight. Go to the website of Southwest and look for a Southwest low fare calendar, enter the dates and get the best deals.

Different types of Southwest low fares that are good for Passengers?

There are four Southwest low fare deals which are as follows:

Wanna get away:

  • This program is the southwest base fare for the passengers. 
  • When you travel with Wanna get away, you will not have to pay any flight cancellation fee. You are also refrained from paying flight change charges.
  • If you cancel your flight, you will get a flight credit and no refund in cash form. This ticket counts as a non-refundable category.
  • You can earn 6X fare more rapid rewards on the qualifying flights.

Wanna get away plus:

  • All the benefits of Wanna get away are included in this program.
  • The flight is non-refundable. You will receive the refund as flight credits. You get a transferable flight credit when you cancel or change your flight.
  • Same-day confirmed the change, and same-day standby list facility is available for the passengers.
  • This program can give you 8X fare and more rapid rewards.


  • In the Anytime program, all the benefits you get in Wanna get away plus are present.
  • You get a full refund on your flight when you cancel it as long as you cancel it at least ten minutes before the scheduled departure.
  •  You get early bird check-in, which means you are automatically checked-in in for your flight 36 hours before the departure time.
  • Through check-in and security lines, you benefit from express and priority lanes.
  • It allows you to earn 10X more fare rapid awards.

Business select:

  • You get all the benefits of the Anytime program of Southwest.
  • You get premium drinks on selected flights that cover 176 miles or more on the journey.
  • Business select gives you priority boarding A1-A15.
  • On the qualifying flights, you can get 12X more fare rapid awards.

What are the benefits of the Southwest Low Fare Calendar?

The various benefits of Southwest low fare calendar are as follows:

  • You can choose the best deal from the low fare calendar and save unnecessary expenses on your ticket fare.
  • Using the Southwest low fare calendar calculates the ticket fare, including your rapid reward points, and gives you the estimate you must pay in money to get a flight.
  • With this low fare calendar, you can earn more rapid points and use them in the future to get a flight on Southwest and save money.
  • When your travel date is uncertain, you can look up the low fare calendar and select the cheap flight day to get a flight.

Does Southwest drop prices last minute?

It is unusual to drop prices at the last moment for Southwest. Ticket fare spikes up at the last moment. It is advisable to book a seat with Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar Deals at least a month before the departure to get a flight at a reasonable price with extra discounts. Last-minute flights may get heavy on your pocket.


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