How do I speak to someone at Frontier?

How do I speak to someone at Frontier? 

If you travel with Frontier Airlines, you will have a great experience. But at some point, you may have to contact the Frontier Airlines customer service team members, who will help you resolve the issue. You may get some issues in booking the flight ticket, in baggage addition or in services. To clear up any doubt, you can use the following methods to speak to someone at Frontier Airlines.

How do I speak to a live person at Frontier Airlines?

If you have any issues, you only need to speak to one of the live persons of Frontiers customer service. Then it is not a big deal. The Airline knows that passengers may need to talk to them. Hence they have devised several ways using which you can directly speak to them. One of the methods is given here in detail.

Connect through a phone call

If you need to speak to a live person at the Airline's customer service, you can call on Frontier Airlines phone number at 866-807-7258.  After connecting the call, you need to follow the IVR instructions as follows:

  • You can press 1 to make new bookings
  • You can press 2 to know the flight status
  • You can press 3 to make changes to your bookings
  • Or you should press the # key to speak to a live person from Frontier who will help you resolve the issue.

How to call a Frontier phone number?

The phone call method is a very comprehensive way to come in contact with its customer service team. Here are the contact numbers

  • To clear any itinerary-related queries, make a call at 720-374-4560
  • For Baggage, you may call 866-807-7258
  • For WhatsApp conversation, use 801-401-9000

 How do I talk to a manager at Frontier Airlines?

You can talk to the Manager of Frontier on the phone. You need to call its customer service and follow the IVR. You have to speak with one of the executives and ask them if you need to talk to the Manager. You will be asked the reason behind this, and if your concern carries great significance, then your call will be transferred to the Manager.

How to contact Frontier Airlines through Live Chat? 

This is another method through which you can talk to a live agent who will assist you. The significant advantage of the methods is that you get real-time assistance. The live virtual agent converses with you, and it is helpful.

You can follow the steps to talk with a live virtual agent on the live chat.

  • You need to go to the official website of Frontiers Airlines first.
  • From the home page, you need to go to the help center page
  • Here you need to click on the live chat icon on the page's right slide.
  • The chat box opens 
  • Here you can write to express the issue you are facing
  • The live agent on the other side of the window will respond to you immediately.

How to contact Frontier Airlines through Email?

You can send an email to Frontier Airlines customer service to address your issue. As your email is received by the Airline, your matter will be taken into account, and the representatives will put efforts into removing the issue from its roots. You can follow the given steps to send an email to Frontiers:

Trip Insurance:

Travel Insurance:

You will get a response from the Airline customer service as soon as possible. They may respond to you in 24 hours or within two to three days.

How to file a complaint to Frontier Airlines?

If you have faced any inconvenience during your journey with Frontier Airlines, you can report the complaint to its customer service department. You can fill out the complaint form given on their official website. As the form is received, they take the matter into account and will take stringent action. You will also be compensated. 


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