How do I manage my booking on Jetblue?

How do I manage my booking on Jetblue?

Let’s say you have booked a flight with Jetblue and want to upgrade your seat to business class. You can do so through Jetblue manage booking option. This option is very useful and allows you to modify your booking, like canceling or rescheduling a flight, changing your name, seat upgrade, and many more. You may not be aware of the uses of this feature and how helpful it is. To know the uses of Manage booking, you should read the following article, which discusses it in detail. 

Online procedure for managing your Jetblue flight

As per your requirement for a seat upgrade, you can do so through two methods- on the website and by calling customer service. To know the Jetblue manage booking online process, you have to read the steps mentioned below. 

  • Firstly, you have to open the website of Jetblue airlines.
  • Then you must click the ‘Manage Trips’ tab on the homepage. You will be redirected to the manage booking page, where you must enter your confirmation code, ticket number, and last name. Click on continue.
  • When your flight booking opens, you will find options related to change, like canceling or rescheduling your flight, correcting your name, increasing baggage allowance, etc. You may select the required option from the list.
  • In the last step, you must make payments, if any, through a debit or credit card. You will get a confirmation email about your seat upgrade.

Call Jetblue customer service to manage flight.

The other way to upgrade your seat is to contact Jetblue customer service via official phone number. You may call on 800-538-2583 to manage Jetblue flight easily. When you dial the number, you might have to hold the call until it connects with an agent of customer service. When an agent connects on your call, ask them to upgrade your seat. Tell accurate details like full name, booking reference to ensure that the agent gets to the right booking. You can select a seat from the available options and pay any required fee by debit or credit card or any other mode

What can I do through Jetblue Manage booking?

After booking a flight, you may need to make any necessary changes to your booking. You can make necessary changes using the Jetblue manage booking feature. The modifications which can be done through this option are listed below. Go through the list's contents to know the uses of the Manage Booking option.

  • You can cancel this trip using the manage booking tab if you no longer want to make it.
  • Apart from canceling, you can also reschedule your trip using this option.
  • If you made any mistakes in your name when booking, you could correct it through manage booking.
  • You can also change your flights.
  • It allows you to increase or add on baggage.

Reading the above article, you can get every relevant detail about Manage Booking. However, if you still face any issues regarding Jetblue manage my booking procedure, you can contact the customer service team and get assistance. Their number is toll-free and can be called 24/7.


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