How do I change my flight on Royal Jordanian?

Useful tips to change your flight on Royal Jordanian

Changing a flight is a nightmare that one can imagine because a decision to change a flight comes every time for some reason, for example, illness, poor weather, business-meeting, etc. So, if you have booked your flight with Royal Jordanian and are questioning how to change my flight on Royal Jordanian, below is a discussion that will assist you in all the possible ways to change your flight.

Understand the change flight policy 

Before changing a flight on Royal Jordanian, one must understand the change in flight policy to avoid any kind of additional charge that may be imposed by the airline. So, below are some of the essential points about the change flight policy that carries the answer to the question "how do I change my flight on Royal Jordanian have a look:

  • As per the Policy of Royal Jordanian, you are advised to change a flight before 24 hours of your scheduled flight. 
  • If you make changes within 24 hours of your bookings, you will not be charged any additional fare and will be given a full refund.
  • If you change after 24 hours of your bookings, specific charges will be imposed. 
  • If you have booked your ticket with the "Award Travel" option, you cannot make any changes to your flight. 

How to change your flight on Royal Jordanian?

Change Via the Official website

The first method to change your flight is via the official website because there is a lot of concern among passengers who, for some reason, decide to cancel their flight and ask how to change my flight on Royal Jordanian. Understand the process below:

  • Visit the official website of Royal Jordanian. 
  • Secondly, you are suggested to tap on the "View Booking" option available on the website's home page.
  • Enter all the details in the box appearing there. (your name, PNR number, etc.)
  • Once you do that, tap on the Change flight option available there. (this option may not be available, which denotes you are not eligible to change a flight at the moment.)
  • Then, change your flight, enter all the asked details and make the payment in order to complete the process.
  • You may have to pay additional fare because of the higher cost of your ticket than before or some additional charges that are imposed by the airlines (please go through the mentioned Policy to avoid any charges.)

In case you find any difficulty in changing your flight, and again a question comes to your mind about how do I change my flight on Royal Jordanian, then you can also adopt a method which is mentioned below:

Change Via Call

If you are not able to cope with the situation, there is another way to change a flight by calling on the phone number +962.6.5100000, of Royal Jordanian's customer executive, will help you change your flight, and you have to provide them with all the details of your booked ticket (PNR number, name, date of flight, etc.).

These are the ways that will always help you provide methods to change your flight on Royal Jordanian without any trouble, and you can change your flight quickly.


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