How can I get my credit at American Airlines?

How can I get my credit at American Airlines?

American Airlines make sure that the passengers get everything they need. The airline doesn't even leave the passengers who canceled their non-refundable flight tickets; they provide them with travel credit for their flight tickets. If the passengers wish to know how to use that travel credit in that case, they have landed in the right place. The process to make cancelation of your flight ticket with American Airlines flight credit is quick and easy.

Still, the passengers must make sure that they know all the rules the airline prescribes before redeeming the travel credit. Let's understand every detail that is required to be known by the passengers before proceeding further with travel credit. 

American Airlines rules for Travel Credit:-

  • The airlines issue three types of travel credit, i.e., Trip Credit, Flight Credit, and Travel Vouchers. 
  • Passengers can only use the travel credit to reserve their flight tickets, not to add extra bags or seats. 
  • The passengers receive travel credit for compensation, refund, and the remaining value of their flight credit exchange.
  • The travel credit is only allowed for domestic and International flights from the United States. 
  • The travel credit is also allowed for non-award booking, but the passengers are not allowed to redeem them for booking an extra seat or carrying excessive baggage.
  • The travel credit is valid for one year after the date of its reservation unless listed otherwise. 
  • The passengers can also redeem the flight credit for making the reservation of the flight ticket they have put on hold. 

How to extend my flight credit on American Airlines?

Unfortunately, travelers cannot extend their flight credit if they are only allowed to use it in a valid time slot. However, the passengers can always connect with the customer service agent of the airlines and get the best help. If they find your issue genuine, they may give you the liberty to extend the credit validity period.

The passengers can use the American Airlines flight credit only for the passengers whose name the ticket is initially reserved; however, they can also use the trip credit for other people. 

How to use my American Airlines flight credit?

American Airlines issues flight credit to the passengers for the cancellation of their unused or partially used flight tickets. The travel credit is different from the trip credit as it is only allowed to be used by the passengers whose names are generated. 

  • Get onto the official website of American Airlines and proceed to the reservation of your flight ticket.
  • Once you get onto your flight ticket reservation option, you are required to enter all the details, i.e., the date, time, departure/arrival airport, number of passengers, and the type and flight class of trip. 
  • Once the details are complete, proceed toward the payment page and select the option of 'Add Flight Credit.'
  • Get onto the available flight credit and follow the on-screen process to adjust the credit amount from your flight ticket.
  • Once the travel credit share is deducted from your flight ticket's complete amount. 
  • Make the payment for the remaining amount, and you'll receive the confirmation and e-tickets on your registered email. 

How to check travel credit with American Airlines?

There are a few simple steps that the passengers require to follow if they wish to redeem their flight credit with American Airlines.

  • The first and foremost thing is to locate your canceled flight ticket by entering the 13-digit ticket number. 
  • Visit the official website of American Airlines and look for the 'Manage Booking' option to enter and look for your canceled flight ticket. 
  • Once you enter the flight page, you must look for the new reservation for yourself. 
  • Once all the details on your flight are complete, proceed toward the payment page and click on 'Add flight credit,' after which you are required to enter the ticket number of your canceled flight ticket to apply for the travel credit received from that flight. 

Final Words

If the cancellation was made because you wished to postpone your trip, in that case, you could use the American Airlines flight credit for the rebooking of the same. The process of making the reservation is mentioned here for you as follows. 

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