How can I change my flight without paying a fee?

How can I change my flight without paying a fee?

Life can be uncertain, and If you plan to take a relaxing holiday with your family, you must change your flight departure date due to unavoidable reasons. Now you are wondering if can I reschedule my flight, as making changes with your booking can hurt your pocket. If you have bought refundable airfare, you can change your flight without paying any change charges. However, for refundable airfare, you will have to pay high prices for flexibility, and for moderate travelers, purchasing refundable airfare may not be in the budget. 

Tips to change flights without paying any fee:

 Read the information to know some tips and tricks you can use to not pay any change fee. 

  • Do your research- You should adopt this state of mind if you are a frequent flyer. It would be great if you always did your study regarding your specific airline's change fees before you book. If You don't want to end up paying a huge change penalty fee on top of the difference in airfare prices, this can add up, as last-minute airfares typically increase. 
  • Change your booking within 24 hours- Some airlines authorize you to change your flights within 24 hours of booking for free, but your departure date should be after one week or more. So How should you make changes if this is the case? The best way is to call the customer service executive of the airline. This way, you can confirm your airline's policy and ensure you won't be charged any fees.
  • Increase your Status- Usually, the only answer to "how to change flight date for free" is to have a privileged status in a membership club. Frequent flyer members get incredible benefits and reduced, or even waived, flight change fees. This is another reason that even if you don't fly frequently, you can get paid benefits to be part of an airline's membership club. For example, Alaska airlines remove all fees for their members of MVP Gold and Gold 75K Mileage Plan. Also, United Mileage Plus Premier 1K members don't have to pay any flight change penalty unless there are "no shows."
  • See if you have trip cancellation insurance- If you use certain cards to buy your ticket and then if you need to make a change due to a covered reason, like coming down with a severe illness, you may be covered by trip cancellation insurance with your cards. You can also typically buy a trip cancellation insurance when you book your ticket. Like credit card coverage, it usually only covers severe illness or accidents. But it can be fruitful if your passport is expensive.
  • Try to make same-day changes- A same-day change is made on the day of your flight departure but before your departure time. With this option, you cannot change your flight itinerary, meaning you must go to the same destination. You will typically need to travel on the same day, too. The Airlines will still charge a small fee for this flight change, but it's much less than other change fees. So if you're wondering about how to change a flight time because you simply need a later departure time, this could be the option for you.
  • Talking to the Live Airline representative- Talking to customer service or an in-person representative to change my flight rather than going online is one of the best-known tips for all sorts of air travel issues, including changing your flight without paying a fee. Suppose you need to make changes to your flight due to circumstances like a severe illness, natural tragedy, or family death. In that case, there's a good chance customer service may understand your situation. Just be sure you have documentation for making any claims, as airlines no longer take passengers for their words. So When you are planning a big trip, it pays to know how you can change your flight without paying a fee. So that You don't want to get stuck with cancellation fees or, worse yet, not be able to change your flight at all. But with some preparation and persistence, you can change your flight for free. 

How to change your flight date?

You can make changes to your flight by visiting the official website or calling the customer service number and asking them to complete the process on your behalf.

Via online-

  • Visit the airline's official website and fill out your booking id and last name in the manage my booking option.
  • Select your trip and choose the make modification option.
  • Select your preferable date and complete the process.

Bottom Line-

Read the above information and contact the airline's customer care before making any changes.


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