How can I change my flight date on Copa Airlines?

How can I change my flight date on Copa Airlines?

Date changes are handily sanctioned to the passengers against your fight reservations at Copa Airlines. Due to the post-COVID uncertainties and a massive online transfer of customer support, Copa has provided quite a few alternatives to contact Copa for rescheduling your flight. The most efficient of them all is ‘My Trips.’ The page is a staggering hub for all the services a passenger can comply with related to an existing flight booking. 

To change your flight date on Copa, you can use the dedicated web page by adhering to the following process:

  1. Go to Copa's official website at and tap on the ‘My Trips’ option given on the header bar.
  2. Use the Change itinerary option for your selected flight given under the same section after you log in with your registered account details. 
  3. You’ll be displayed a list of fares, taxes, charges, and penalties as per Copa Airlines flight change policy. 
  4. Once you pick your desired updates, you’ll get redirected to the payment window showing a detailed price itinerary as per the applicable charges. 
  5. Review your application, complete the payment, and submit it. 
  6. Check your registered email account for the confirmed ticket with all updates on the requested changes. 

How do I contact Copa to change my flight date?

My Trips provides almost every possible flight update that you might need against your flight ticket on Copa. However, if you are unassertive about using the self-service prompts, dial the Copa Airlines Phone number +1 802 538 7042 or +1 786 840 COPA (2672) for a live executive’s assistance. You can avail access to Copa customer support contacts using the official website in the following ways:

  1. Reach the customer service page and scroll down to the support contact section.
  2. Tap on the Contact Us option provided on the next window and use the call directory hyperlink.
  3. You’ll find the designated helpline numbers for Copa Airlines as per different regional selections. 
  4. Dial the number and hold on the call to get connected with Copa IVR service via voicemail. 
  5. Hear the listed IVR options:
  • Press # for Manage booking/ My Trips.
  • Press 1 to pick the language you want to speak in.
  • Press 2 for flight status.
  • Press 4 to get online check-in assistance.
  • Press 5 to request baggage and refund claim.
  • Press 7 to talk to an executive from the Copa customer support team. 
  1. Either follow # for a pre-connected solution through different IVR options or Press 7 to get a representative to change your flight date. 

Can I change my flight date on Copa?

As per Copa Flight change policy, all passengers are availed access to flight updates on the date of departure, personal information such as name, address, etc., seat selection, class upgrade, special services, and even your flight itinerary using Copa Airlines Customer Service. These changes are only applicable to tickets booked directly from or any Copa sales office. In a scenario where a passenger has requested changes to only a section of the flight itinerary, only so and so will be updated against your ticket after you pay for the resulting fare change as well as the change fee. This applicable charge fee is subject to the original fare along with the airline’s change policy. Note that once the change process is finalized, you must also reconfirm your seat selection. 

Can I change my last-minut flight with Copa Airlines?

There could be some last-minute changes in plans, emergencies, or problems that have occurred. However, the flight change can take place, but for that, knowing the small and essential details is important. You shoud be enlightened about the flight change policy, procedures, and the changes that need to be followed for the flight change. You can contact Copa Airlines Customer Service for help, and we are going to discuss the related information further in this read. Let us explain all the vital details related to the flight change with the Airline so it can be quick for you. 

What is the flight change policy of Copa Airlines?

Before you get through with changing the flight ticket, it is mandatory to know all the rules and regulations that have been given in the flight change policy. The policy will accurately enlighten so going through the flight can be convenient and quick: 

  • The same day flight change will be permissible from twenty-four hours to one hour prior to the scheduled flight. 
  • The previous journey will only be changed once the transaction for the flight change has been made and the request for the change is accepted.
  • If you have selected the seats with the original itinerary, then they need to be selected again, as the previous seat selection might not be available.
  • The services you have added to the previous journey will be transferred to the changed one, and it will remain in the booking. 
  • During the ticket change process, any modification, such as the name change, cannot take place. 
  • If the services, such as the hotels, car rental, insurance, etc., have been booked via a third party, then only they need to be contacted after the change.
  • The bookings with First Class can be changed free of service cost; however, the fare difference needs to be paid.
  • If you have been a member of ConnectMiles with Copa Airlines, then the ticket change can be done with some concession or free of cost.
  • The ticket can be changed 3 hours prior to the flight, after check-in, but the higher charges will be asked to pay. 
  • If the flight was changed because of some medical issue or a sudden emergency, then it can be changed anytime. However, the charges may apply.
  • The Airline will verify the situation and documents and confirm the flight change. 
  • The charges for changing the flight depend on the flight journey, class, ticket type, and location. 

How to change my flight with Copa Airlines?

If you realize that traveling with the booked flight might not be possible and the change needs to occur. There is a simple procedure that needs to be followed to change the Copa Airlines ticket online. It will be quick and does not take much effort. You need to get through the steps given below to change the ticket: 

  • Visit the official of Copa Airlines.
  • Select My Trips from the options given at the top of the homepage.
  • Enter the E-ticket code or the reservation number with the last name and find the reservation.
  • Then, get to the Menu and pick Change Flight from the given options.
  • Fill out the form with the correct ticket details and change flight information. 
  • The executives will change the flight, and the new ticket will be sent via email.

How to change a Copa Airline flight on the phone?

Whenever you require to change the Copa Airlines ticket quickly then the best way would be to ask the executives to change it. The quickest would be to talk to someone from the Airline on the phone. You are just required to dial Copa Airlines Phone number +1 802 538 7042 or +1 786 840 2672 and an auto-generated voice will enlighten you about the further calling process. Provide the ticket details to the representatives and ask them to change the flight. After the changes have been made, customer service will inform you about the same and send the ticket via email.  

How to submit a request to change flight date on Copa?

Copa offices are flooded with their dedicated supervisors to help you with your request for a date change to your flight booking. You can send a written application or personally visit the office at the given address to get a response from Copa customer support:

Mail Box: Box 0816-06819 Panama, Republic of Panama

HQ: Costa del Este, Panama City.

What is the flight change cost with Copa Airlines?

The first change with the Classic Economy and the Business Promo Fare is available free of cost. The flight change service charges depend on class, location, and the time of change, which mainly range from $50 to $120. The flight can be changed by getting to the Airport, and the executives available at the helpdesk will ensure a comfortable journey. 

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