How Can I Cancel My Aeromexico Flight?

How Can I Cancel My Aeromexico Flight?

If you have made plans to arrive in Mexico or leave out of Mexico after making a ticket purchase with Aeromexico, you want to change your plans now. How can I cancel my Aeromexico flight so that you can reschedule your flight if you wish to travel again next time or get a refund? You can make a cancelation using a phone call or the website manage my booking, which is very convenient as it allows you to alter your ticket with Aeromexico. You have to read it for more cancelation procedures until the last line. 

Process of Canceling Aeromexico flight 

If ypu want to cancel Aeromexico flight ticket then you have to make sure to follow one of the following processes that are explained here.

Via call

Now, this is one of the easiest ways to make a ticket cancelation, and for that, you have to dial Aeromexico number +52 (55) 5133 4000. After you get connected, you have to make sure that you select a language and choose to make a cancelation. You will connect to the executive and explain to them that you want a ticket to be canceled, and for that, you have to make sure that you choose from the given IVR after listening to them carefully.

  • Press 1 for language change
  • Press 2 to make ticket purchase
  • Press 3 for ticket cancelation 
  • Press 4 for offers on tickets
  • Press 5 to speak to customer support at Aeromexico.                                                           

Via website

Another very convenient way of getting your ticket canceled is after you choose to cancel the ticket after you reach manage my booking on the website. For that, you have to make sure that you follow some of the necessary steps that are needed for you to get to your ticket booking with Aeromexico.

  • Go to the website the Aeromexico 
  • Now you have to make sure that you look for manage my booking and then click on that.
  • For now, you have to make sure that you write your last name and PNR
  • After that, you have to make sure that you click on to go to my bookings 
  • Click on the ticket which you want cancelation
  • Now click on cancel and provide the reason 

If you are eligible, you will get a refund, and after your cancelation, you will receive an email after your resolution.

Cancelation policy of Aeromexico Airlines

You must know about some of the policies of cancelation that Aeromexico makes. Some of the Aeromexico airlines cancelation policies are given. 

  • Making cancellations within 24 hours of ticket booking will allow you to make cancelations freely. 
  • For that, you have to make sure that the departure time is seven days or more when you have made a cancelation. 
  • If you cancel the free cancelation window, you will have to pay a cost to the airlines
  • Now, if you cancel your ticket and the reason was a health issue, then make sure that you provide that medical proof to Aeromexico so that they will return your money for the ticket 
  • Suppose you came to know about your flight being canceled, and it was because of the airline's fault might be a technical issue. 

Cost of cancelation

If you have canceled your ticket after the free cancelation window, then you have to know that you have to pay them $200 for making the cancelation process Aeromexico. 

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