What is the group policy for Emirates flights?

What is the group policy for Emirates flights? 

Emirates allows travelers to board flights to their destinations with their corresponding groups. The airline has framed a group policy for Emirates flights that must be followed by travelers to get their groups conformed. 

Important group booking policies for Emirates:

The terms and conditions mentioned below must be read and considered by the travelers who wish to travel via Emirates as a group: 

  • Group bookings can only be made if there are 10 passengers or more.
  • Travelers must make sure they are traveling on the same flight on the same travel date to the same destinations.
  • If group travelers have specific meal preferences, then they must make sure they mention their requirements 24 hours before flight departure to get the delicious preferred meals.
  • Group travelers can pick up their seats at least 7 days before flight departure.
  • If passengers traveling in a group require a headrest, then they must inform about the same at least 15 days in advance. 
  • Group travelers can even request specific cabin crew according to their language preferences, but for the same, it is important that they mention their language preferences 30 days ahead of flight departure. 

What groups are allowed by Emirates Airlines?

Every group has its specific purpose of traveling, from tournaments to family trips. Understanding this requirement, Emirates enables travelers to make a selection one among the following group categories:

  • School trip teams: Emirates offers all the necessary travel arrangements for young kids. They make organized travel experiences for these enthusiastic travelers. 
  • Corporate group: If you wish to plan a trip to attend a corporate even, then you can make a reservation on Corporate groups. 
  • Sports groups: Usually, players board flights in groups; they can attend their tournaments hassle-free as Emirates makes all the preferred arrangements..
  • Casual groups: Whether you wish to travel with your family members to attend any functions or have plans with your friends, you can opt for this Emirate group. 

What is the procedure for group reservations on Emirates? 

Group traveling is not as usual as individual traveling; therefore, many travelers are not aware of the process. If you wish to board an Emirates flight as a group, then contact Emirates customer service, or you need to refer to the online steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official Emirates website.
  • Click on the help option, followed by pressing the group-travel form.
  • You are now required to fill in all the fields and mention your requirements in the message-box.
  • As you click on the confirmation button, you need to press the submit button.
  • If your request is accepted, you need to provide the passenger's information and make payment. 

What are the benefits of making group reservations on Emirates? 

Group travelers have difference-making benefits both at the airport and even on a flight. If you are not aware of the same, then elaborated information is presented below:

Benefits given to group passengers at the airport:

  • Group travelers check-in is usually prearranged and they are allowed to check-in in advance.
  • There are exclusive check-in desks arranged particularly for group-travelers.
  • Bags of group-travelers have specific group bag tags so that they can be easily identified.
  • If group travelers require a VISA, then Emirates will make the arrangements. 

Benefits offered to Emirates group participants during the journey: 

Not only do group travelers get benefits at the airport, but they are also entitled to the following important benefits during their trip: 

  • They get the option to be seated near the aircraft.
  • They get the option to receive dietary meals. 
  • Celebratory beverages and chocolates are offered to travelers.
  • They can expect a personalised menu according to their preferences. 

Conclusion: Though Emirates group booking is a straightforward process, customers can still call dialing Emirates group-booking phone number: +1 802 538 7042 or +1 800 777 3999 to receive the required information and guidance. 

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