Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?

Yes, the flight prices go down on Tuesday because this day is considered a weekday, and during weekdays you may get vacant seat options on the flight. The airline authority reduces the prices of the tickets as the demand for tickets is diminished these days. Few passengers used to travel in those days, so you might have a chance to grab suitable flight options and enjoy a pocket-friendly traveling experience with your loved ones. 

The best time of day to buy flights is between 3 pm and 6 pm when flight fare starts to reduce, and you can find an affordable flight option on the booking window. During this time, there is less traffic, so you will not experience delays while booking a convenient flight ticket.

Flexible scheduling 

Other than this, you can apply flexible flight scheduling. You can go for reservations during midnight, and in the early morning during those times, fewer bookings can be seen, so the airline declines the ticket price to fill their flight seats.

Peak season 

On some occasions and days when you might experience over crowd on the booking window due to which it becomes so much difficult for you to grab an affordable option if anyhow you able to find a flight option, it might be pretty expensive because peak season brings elevation in flight prices as the demand of flight ticket and their price increases.


You can go for off-season booking because during this season; people do not travel so much to their relative's homes or their dream destination; instead, they prefer peak season.

On some occasions but it might be wrong to book during the season where it can affect your pocket, so avoid that and travel during the off-season, which can provide cheap flight tickets.

Weekends/ Weekdays 

To get Cheap flight options, you need to avoid weekends like Sunday and Saturday; these days, the flight prices have started to elevate to such an extent that it might get challenging to grab a suitable flight option at an affordable price. So book your ticket on weekdays because, on the other hand, weekdays like Tuesday and Wednesday bring a lot of suitable flight options at a cheaper rate.

Incognito mode

You can apply the method if you are surfing through an airline website and find an affordable flight option. After this next day, you revisit the website and find a rise in flight ticket fares, which might affect your budget. Still, to avoid that, you can switch to the incognito mode, which will remove the search memories from the airline data and show you the exact price next day onwards because, without incognito mode, the airline authority keeps track of the search history and based on that flight fare get increase.

Compare websites 

You can compare sites according to your schedule and timing. You can list the airline sites providing the best class services and offers to their customers. You can shortlist the sites according to your budget and convenience. So that you can grab the best flight deals to budget-friendly holiday experiences with your loved ones. 

You can also apply the low fare calendar, where you can find the best flight options at a cheaper rate on a particular day and date in a month. If you still have any doubt, you can call the airline personnel who will help you find the best flight options at much-discounted rates.


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